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Download the file for self-installation


Как сделать скриншот браузера

Step #1

Download screenshot

Download the ziscreen screenshot app from the store browser you are using
Step #2

Make a screenshot of the screen

After downloading the screenshot, reload / refresh your browser page to take a screenshot of the browser screen
Step #3

Edit screenshot

An icon for ziscreen, a sninshot program, should appear in the top menu. By clicking on it, you will take a screenshot of the browser and you will also have a toolbar where you can draw an arrow on a skin shot, write text on the screen or crop a picture in the browser.
Step #4

Link to screenshot

After editing the screenshot, you can: download the screenshot to your computer, create a link to the screenshot, or put a photo in Trello
Step #5

Set a task in Trello

In order to set tasks in Trello, you need to register with the e-mail you use for Trello